Our Curriculum & Philosophy

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The Science

Educational Neuroscience

ed·u·ca·tion·al / neu·ro·sci·ence

Definition: The body of knowledge that represents applying brain research to classroom practice. Also called "Mind, Brain and Education," this field of study looks at how what we are learning about the human brain can affect the curricular, instructional and assessment decisions that teachers make on a daily basis. ("How the Brain Learns," David Sousa 2011)

The Method

Circuit Theory Education

cir·cuit / the·o·ry / ed·u·ca·tion

Definition: An approach to education, based in Educational Neuroscience, that divides learning experiences into separate but related events, thus creating a complete "circuit" of new information being presented to the learner. Events are divided into three distinct subject areas:

BLUE: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

GREEN: Science, Social Science, History and Math

RED: Visual Arts, Music, Theater and Dance

A circuit is complete once a learner has participated in all three events of the circuit. At Fusion Early Learning, our early learners complete one circuit every day they are in school. One circuit at Fusion equals approximately three hours.


The Application

Preschool Courses

pre·school / courses

Definition: Month-long explorations into a subject matter.

Preschool courses at Fusion Early Learning are designed to excite the young learner and expose them to ideas and content not typically taught during the preschool years. The content is designed to not only engage young students, but also to start introducing them to the many wonders of the world they live in. Courses are delivered through Circuit Theory Education with teachers working through a variety of lesson formats best fitting to the subject matter and the individual needs of the students.

Examples of preschool courses at Fusion Early Learning: