Blue Room: Authors That Changed The World

This month we will take our preschoolers on a journey through time, allowing them to experience and learn about some of the most famous and talented authors the world has seen.


Green Room: Inventors That Changed The World

This month students will take a journey through history “meeting” several of the most important individuals in history. Without the inventions of these amazing men, our world and the society we live in would be a very different place. We will be transforming the Green Room into a preschool laboratory where students are not only given the opportunity to learn about several famous inventors of our time, but also dabble in the art of inventing!


Red Room: Music That Changed The World

This month our preschools will be “on-tour” with musicians who created some of the greatest music during some of the most important eras in history. We will be taking students on a journey through time allowing them to experience music from the mid to late 20th century. Throughout their journey they will also learn about the inspiration behind each era of music.