Blue Room: Cuisine, Menus & Recipes

This month students are going to have the opportunity to embark on a culinary adventure. They will be guided through the traditional cuisines of four countries: India,Thailand,Greece and the United States. Throughout their exploration of each country and its cuisine, students will create menus, study recipes, “publish” a cookbook and plan and organize a weekly feast. A major focus of the Blue Room this month is writing. Writing opportunities will be worked into every lesson taught this month in the form of practicing the writing of letters, words and even sentences!


Green Room: Culture, Geography & Weather

This month students will be provided with the opportunity to learn about the culture, geography and weather of three different countries around the globe: India, Thailand and Greece.


Red Room: Spice, Fruit & Vegetable Inspired Art

This month students will have the opportunity to become inspired by the cuisine of different cultures  and create art using the food from each region studied.  To do this, students will be learning about and examining the "foodscapes" of Carl Warner in hopes of replicating his style in masterpieces of their own!