Make Believe


This month the Blue Room will be exploring the people and stories of make-believe. Teachers will use the following books to guide students through four timeless tales.

Little Mermaid by Sabuta

  •  Week 1: “The Little Mermaid” (pop-up-book)

  • Week 2: “Jack and the Beanstalk” (graphic novel)

  • Week 3: “Peter Pan” (pop-up-book)

  • Week 4: "The Snow Queen”

Weeks 1-4 Sub Theme Objectives

  1. Have a good understanding of each story read throughout the month including its characters, setting and main events.
  2. Have recreated each story on their own as “mini-books”, including pictures, with the intention of using it to re-tell each story at home.
  3. Have had the opportunity to sequence the events of each story to further reading comprehension.

Learning Goals

Reading 1.5

Speaking Applications 2.1

Literary Response & Analysis 3.1

Letter Sounds

Letter Writing

Letter Recognition


GiantsThis month in the Green Room we will be introducing students to creatures whose existence have always been in question. Each week will run in the same manner, allowing students to be miniature detectives, finding evidence and/or clues that will lead them to their own conclusions of whether or not they believe these creatures are real. We start each week with a brief introduction of the thing being explored, followed by the creation of an evidence board where students will place all of the evidence they collect. Evidence will consist of pictures, newspaper articles, hair, scales, etc.  After all evidence has been collected,  we will review the evidence and ask, “What do you think?

  • Week 1: Mermaids: Real or Fantasy?

  • Week 2: Giants: Real or Fantasy?

  • Week 3: Fairies: Real or Fantasy

  • Week 4: Abominable Snowman: Real or Fantasy?

Weeks 1-4 Sub Theme Objectives

  1. Have had the opportunity to learn about and collect evidence relating to Mermaids, Giants, Fairies,  and the Abominable Snowman.
  2. Be aware of the places in which each of the above described is believed to live and where sightings have been made.
  3. Have had the opportunity to decide whether or not each of the above described is real or make-believe.

Learning Goals

Life Science 2b

Investigation & Experimentation 4b

Number Sense 2.1

Number & Shape Writing

Number & Shape Recognition



Cottingley_FairiesThis month the Red Room will be exploring the music of Mozart and the artistic components of Make Believe. Each week Fusion Kids will create art that is inspired not only by the make-believe creatures they are exploring, but also by the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Students will also have multiple opportunities to participate in pretend play, imagining themselves to be fairies, mermaids and giants!


  • Week 1: Mermaid Art & Pretend Play

  • Week 2: Larger than Life Art

  • Week 3: Fairy Art & Pretend Play

  • Week 4: Frozen Formations

 Weeks 1-4 Sub Theme Objectives

  1. Have had the opportunity to learn about and experience the music of Mozart.
  2. Have participated in the 3-Dimensional creation of the above mentioned make-believe places.

Learning Goals

Visual Arts 2.7

Theater 5.2

Color Recognition/Blending

Music Integration


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August 1, 2015