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Preschool Programs

BEGINNER: 2 days of Preschool (Full Day or Part Day): Tuesday & Thursday

  • This package is ideal for children just being introduced to the educational world. It gives young learners the opportunity to slowly adjust to the idea of school.

AVID LEARNER: 3 days of Preschool (Full Day or Part Day): Monday, Wednesday & Friday

  • This package is perfect for children who have already been exposed to a variety of different social situations. They are craving educational opportunities and are developmentally ready to create new relationships.

SCHOLAR: 5 days of Preschool (Full Day or Part Day): Monday through Friday

  • This package is for children who are yearning for educational stimulation. They are developmentally and socially ready to enter a school environment and look forward to experiences outside of the home. These children are inquisitive by nature and have an innate desire to learn.

Jr. Preschool


This program mirrors the preschool with adjustments made specifically for 2 year-olds including the addition of a potty training program. Beginner, Scholar and Avid Learner enrollment schedules are all available as well. Junior Preschool space is limited. Please call for rates and availability.




Our infant program at is based on the Attachment Parenting Philosophy. In this philosophy the needs of infants are met as soon as they arise. Most young infants become unhappy because they are wet, dirty, hungry, or tired. Our infant teachers are trained to lovingly exhaust these options until the infant is satisfied. This philosophy is practiced until infants are developmentally ready for a more structured schedule as determined through discussions with both parents and teachers.

Infants also have the opportunity to participate in developmentally appropriate activities that mirror the preschool curriculum. This structure will begin to prepare infants and toddlers for entrance into the Jr. Preschool at the age of two.

The available schedule for the infant program is typically a 5-day, Monday through Friday schedule. There are possibilities for alternative schedules based on each school's availability. Please contact your desired location for more information about possible schedules.

Summer Program


Discovery Camp begins at the end of the academic school year and runs for 10 weeks. It is designed to be a break from the more structured school-year and be a time for our students to continue to explore and have some serious Summer fun!

Discovery Camp programs and pricing are the same at each school: 2 week session: $210, or $120/week. Camp runs from 9 to noon Monday - Friday. Full day options are available. Please contact us or enroll online if you are interested in one of the sessions.

* If you are currently enrolled, you may continue to attend with your current schedule and pricing.