Back to school season is nearly upon us and it’s time to start prepping the little ones! Summer is always a time for fun activities for kids, like playing in the water or riding bikes. On the flip side, there are so many more things to do that will help clear those cobwebs and get them ready for the school year!

We have put together a list of 10 fun, educational activities that will keep your kid’s brain working and even teach them practical skills (while having a good time)!  

1. Get connected with your community library

The library has an endless selection of books to choose from that you and your little ones can read together. They also provide summer reading and entertainment programs (that are usually free). So check out your local library today to see what they have going on

     2. Visit a museum

Museums are a fun way to learn about history. They are engaging and have activities to apply what you have learned. Powerhouse Science center is a local exhibit that you and your children can visit today.  

     3. Create a fun craft that correlates to the book that your kid finished reading

Expand your child’s comprehension by making a craft based on the book you finished together. It’s a fun and creative way for them to apply what they’ve learned! Try building a diorama, drawing a picture of the main character, or creating a collage that highlights the best moments of the story.

     4. Cook up a fun, simple recipe

The Original Rice Krispies Treats are a fun and cool treat to make. This activity is a great way to teach your little ones how to follow instructions step-by-step and learn measurements. Best part is you have all the ingredients at home!

     5. Utilize technology

Leapfrog pads, learning websites, and apps are all tools you can use to expand your child’s knowledge. Make technology your friend, not an enemy!  Here are some suggestions of the top technology apps for your kids to use for learning: Implementing Technology For Early Childhood Education

     6. Multiplication flash cards for 30 minutes a day

Spending a little bit of time every day to practice multiplication is a great way to exercise your child’s brain and help them become a wiz at their times tables!  

     7. Plant seeds from the fruits and veggies you eat

Make your own garden from your leftover apple cores, peach pits, or tomato seeds. This is a great way to teach your kids how to plant (they just might have a green thumb) as well as patience! And you will both be able to reap the benefits...Yum!  Use How to Turn a Veggie into a Plant to get started on that garden.

     8. Do a sewing project

Teach your kids how to be little crafters with these simple fun sewing projects. 5 Simple Projects for the Beginner offers a few sewing ideas for what you and your little ones can get started on.

     9. Make slime!

Slime is a fun science experiment (you’ll even enjoy it). Many times, its slime gone wrong but not with this recipe: How to Make the Perfect Slime.  Have fun and enjoy your slime!

     10. Oven bake your own ceramic piece

Anything that involves clay is always fun! Encourage your kids to tap into their creativity by making a little project!  Polymer Clay Monsters  and Oven Baked Pinch Pots are both fun projects to do on free time.

Have fun doing some of these activities with your kids and helping clear the cobwebs before the next year of school begins. As always, Fusion Preschools are open year-round for parents to tour! Check to see if this is the right place for your child to learn, grow and play. Sign up and schedule a FREE tour here!