With the holidays behind us, it’s a new year and we are back in action at Fusion! We are midway through week two of our Season of Winter theme! Changes in nature, the beauty of winter and stories centered around this wondrous weather will be explored throughout the month. Here is what we have been up to thus far at Fusion...


Bweek1To start our theme off in the Blue Room, we read When Winter Comes by Nancy Van Laan. Tying into the exploration of winter and its effects on the world around us, this tale explores what happens to the wildlife and plant life surrounding the home a young child and his family. In the Blue Room this week, Fusion students have been reading Snowballs by Lois Ehlert, one of my favorite tales from this theme. This particular tale is centered around a “snow family," comprised of various items from around the home: buttons, ribbons and the like. Of course, students in the Blue Room have been able to create their own “snow family” during the week, bringing items from home to share with each other!


Fusion students in the Red Room will have to keep their hats from flying off of their heads and stay on the alert for Severe Weather! Tornadoes, lightning and thunder (oh my!) are just a few of the instances of severe weather Mother Nature produces that our students will learn about this week. Children in the Red Room will have the opportunity to view satellite and radar images, experience severe weather safely through the use of plasma balls and tornado tubes in addition to learning what it means to be a “Storm Chaser” like Jim Reed.

Last week, our Fusion children had the opportunity to play games and engage in “snow fun”. Snowball “fights”, cotton snowmen and reading through the book, The Story of Snow byRweek2 Mark Cassino, are just a few of the highlights from the previous week. It was a fun-filled and easygoing time in the Red Room as we adjusted ourselves back to our regular schedules after the holiday break.


Green Room students spent last week learning how the wintry weather affects wildlife. How and why some animals hibernate, while others migrate, were important facts for our students to explore during the week. We were lucky to observe some of these animal behaviors in a few local squirrels scurrying about to stockpile a few more precious morsels, and with large flocks of birds flying south ahead of our winter storm! Our focus this week has been the weather itself. Specifically, the changes in the weather that winter brings. While we very rarely experience snow in our area, we HAVE had an incredible amount of precipitation in the form of rain these past two weeks! Fusion students in the Green Room have had the opportunity to explore the stormy weather abroad and right outside our classroom windows this week, wGweek1hich will serve as an excellent lead-in for next week’s focus on The Water Cycle!


Our Jr. Pre-K students and infants are also exploring wintry weather and its effects on the world around us (in their own way, of course!). Mimicking many of the activities the Red Room has to offer this month, Infants and Jr. Pre-K children will have the opportunity to experience lightning and tornadoes, as well as snow! These items and more will be available to these age groups in their very own “Weather Corner” where they will be able to freely explore Mother Nature’s wildest weather!

Fusion Kids are having a lot of fun learning about and exploring this month! As always, you can read more about what we are learning each week by visiting our website.