Put your helmets on, strap in and get ready to blast off! Today marks the end of week 2 of our Exploring the Universe theme. Take a look below and see what we have been up to!


This week in the Blue Room, Fusion students have been reading the H.G. Wells tale, The Time Machine. To coincide with that, Blue Room students built their very own version of a “time machine”, which they used for several AMAZING adventures! Students in the Blue Room also created their own “aliens” inspired by War of The Worlds, last week’s science fiction classic. Check them out!

img_8626 img_8627 img_8624 img_8625








Red Room students have been SUPER BUSY turning it into a planetarium over the course of the last 2 weeks. So far, they have created The Sun, Earth, The Moon and several other planets. They used tissue paper, paint and other items to create 3-D versions of each celestial object. During this creation process, they listened to music composed by John Williams and took a poll to tally up who did, or did not, like the music they heard. See for yourself…

img_8629 img_8630







In our Green Room, Fusion kids have had a heaping helping of famed astronomer, Galileo Galilei. They have also had to the opportunity learn what The Earth, The Sun and The Moon are actually made out of while making their own versions to study up close… img_8613 img_8612 img_8628 img_8611







Our Fusion Infants and staff too have gotten into the act of “spacifying” their...uh...space! During the week I was able to witness a few of the older, more mobile toddlers reaching as high as they could to touch the hanging stars and planets in their area. They are VERY curious about these objects in the sky and have been spending time creating their own constellations, aliens and rocket ships to blast off with!

img_8631 img_8608 img_8609 img_8607 img_8606






As you can see, Fusion Kids and teachers are having a BLAST this month... and how could they not?! We hope that your #FusionKid is having a BLAST!