It’s easy to take for granted the earth beneath our feet or the air in our lungs, but Earth Day is a great way to help children and adults alike appreciate these elements and more! Earth Day, April 22nd, is a day everyone can share together to give back to this wonderful Earth we call home. At Fusion Early Learning Preschools, fusion kids learn the importance of taking care of the Earth and its creatures in our diverse circuit theory curriculum. To inspire you and your little ones, here are six ways to make this Earth Day a celebrated family affair.


There are many great ways of giving back, and one of them is giving your time and energy to support a cause you care about. Almost every cause can help impact the Earth in a positive way. Search your local community for family volunteer events this Earth Day and teach your kids about the power of giving one of the most precious gifts – time.  Some fun local events might be the Earth Day Celebration at the Yuba Sutter Mall with Feather River Air Quality, or even venturing out of town for a park clean-up at a State Park or the Yuba River!

Have a Green Picnic

Family picnic

If the weather permits it, why not spend the day outside in the warm sun while on some green grass with nature surrounding you. Keep it local by walking to a nearby park and packing some organic foods like fruits, nuts, cheese, and bread. Be sure to stress the importance of leaving the park the way you found it: help little ones pick up all bags, bottles or cans that they brought in, and dispose of them in the proper containers.

Plant Something

planting seeds

Planting a garden or a tree is a great way to impact the Earth with your children. It will help teach them about the different seasons as well the cycle of life. There’s a lot that can be learned by simply planting a seed and watching it grow! Even placing some green onion stems in water and watching them sprout back to life can be enchanting for a child!

Some kid-friendly plants include:

  • Squashes including pumpkins, winter squash, and summer squash.
  • Corn
  • Watermelon
  • Peas

Read a Nature-Inspired Book

Young woman reading book

Take a moment of the day to sit down and read a classic children’s book about Mother Nature and learn why we should all take care of her. Here are 10 Earth Day books for children that will be a great family read.

Home Cooking Experiment

Children chocolate dessert in a cup dirt and worms

There’s nothing like doing a cooking experiment that’s fun for the whole family. Try making these Earth Day Dirt Cups with Oreos, jello, and gummy worms. Little ones can learn about the layers and horizons of soil by creating an edible model. Plus, they’re a blast for kids to make and absolutely delicious to eat!

Doing Laundry Together

Mom doing laundry with kids

May seem unrealistic, but evening doing a load of laundry can help teach your kids the importance of water conservation. Show them how important water is for the planet as well as in your home. On the plus side, you’ll get a few extra hands to help you finish folding clothes!

Make this Earth Day a fun learning experience for you and your kids by teaching them the value of Mother Nature with some of these family activities. Incorporating fun learning activities into children’s lives is part of the curriculum at all Fusion Early Learning Preschools. Learn more about our curriculum online and schedule a free tour of one of our early learning preschools today.