As parents of new generations, it’s easy to see how significant technology is in kids’ lives. Kids love using technology! While technology helps in many aspects of their lives, it’s important for children to learn to use technology without being consumed by it, especially when it comes to education. Early childhood education is an extremely important part of your child’s life, so it’s no question that technology should be involved in proper ways.

The big question is how technology should be integrated into helping your child learn, and what are the most appropriate tools for doing this? Many studies have been conducted highlighting how technology can best be utilized by parents and teachers for early childhood education, as well as which tools are the most effective.

Let’s take a closer look at how technology can be implemented to help your child learn.

How to Implement Technology?

When used intentionally and appropriately, technology and other interactive media can be effective tools to support learning and development.

The following are ways to best integrate technology into early childhood education.

  • Limitations
      • Many tablets, TVs, and computers have parental controls that can limit the amount of time your child is able to use them.
  • Oversight
    • The internet opens many gateways to new worlds of information. It’s important that only proper educational information be shown to your children for early learning purposes.
  • Interaction
    • Many new tools (as shown below) help develop early learners by requiring them to interact as they learn.

Technology for Early Childhood Education

Below are some of the top utilized technologies for early learners.

  1. Educational Websites - Educational websites are a great way for your child to learn while being engaged in fun and creative activities that improve multiple early learning skills. Some of the top educational sites help children engage through audio, visual, touch, and creative thinking.   
  2. Apps/Games - With the huge amount of apps available on the market, it’s no secret that these are great educational resources for early learners to play with. Many apps can help your child with subjects such as math, science, and spelling. They can also help improve cognitive learning such as creativity, problem-solving, and memory. Check out this list of top educational apps for preschoolers.  
  3. eBooks - Today, technology has made it more accessible for children to read books and stories online. Many classic children's books are now available as eBooks and include audio narrators for your kids to read and follow along with.
  4. TV shows - Believe it or not, children's’ TV shows can still be a beneficial way for your toddler to learn while being entertained by their favorite characters. Top children’s TV networks offer educational shows that have been produced and developed with early learning experts.  

Technology isn’t going away, and will undoubtedly have a big impact on your child’s life. It’s important for parents and teachers to effectively utilize technology for early childhood education so children continue to grow and learn in a controlled environment. Our preschools implement technology through interactive lessons and hands-on activities to develop skills and neuroscience. Theory Preschool is dedicated to allowing children’s imaginations to thrive and flourish in a curriculum based on neuroscience and educational theory. Interested in learning more about our early learning preschools? Contact us today for a tour at one of our locations.