Spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind. We all have a lengthy list of tasks that need to be done so our homes feel fresh after the winter months have passed. Tackling that list while you have a child at home may seem nearly impossible. But children love to be included and to mimic what the adults in their lives are doing. Your spring cleaning list is a perfect opportunity to get your child involved, teach them some valuable household tasks and to let them know they are an important part of helping keep their home clean and orderly. We’ve put together some suggestions for tasks your child can do to be a part of the spring cleaning process.


Suggestions for Spring Cleaning with Your Child


Wipe the cupboard doors - A damp cloth with warm water and white vinegar, powered by your child, can have the easy-to-reach cupboard doors sparkling in no time.

Baseboard cleaning - There’s no shortage of baseboards in homes and your little one can easily and safely reach them for a springtime wipe down.

Doorknob wipe off - Doorknobs are another easy-to-reach task your child can feel confident about.

Cleaning out their closet - Here’s a task that feels like playing dress up! Pull out the warm weather clothing and have your child try on the items that might still fit. Have them add the items that no longer fit to a bag for donation. Together you can make a shopping list of new items that are needed.

Thin out the toys and books - Ask your child to pick a particular number of toys or books that can be donated, making more space for playtime and new stories. (“pick 10 toys you don’t play with anymore that we can give to someone who will love them”).

Weed pulling - Freshening up your outdoor space and enjoying the sunshine with your child is an opportunity for little hands to help pull weeds. Keep in mind that they may not be able to get stubborn roots out.


Keeping your house in order is a challenge with little ones. Spring cleaning with your child will take some creativity and some patience, but getting them involved and helping them build confidence in their capabilities is worth the extra time it takes to get it done together.

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