Preschoolers are always watching and listening and this time of year they’re bound to be hearing the word “resolution” a lot!

What does every young child want? To be just like all the “big kids” and “grown-ups” around them. Helping them do just that is easy when you teach your preschooler about goal-setting so they can make a resolution of their very own. We’ve got some tips to help make the process fun and productive.

We understand that it might sound like an unattainable task to help your preschooler set a goal and then keep it, when really, they only want to do what they want to do. And let’s face it, keeping a goal can be hard! But preschoolers want to succeed. They want to work toward something and they also want guidance (they just don’t know it).

The easiest way to teach your preschooler about goal-setting is to break it up into smaller activities throughout the week. Set time to:

  • Make a list - Choose a few things that will help your preschooler grow in a new skill, but that aren’t too far reaching. Some ideas might be:
    • Trying a new food each week
    • Doing a 5-minute tidy of their bedroom or playroom each evening
    • Putting their dirty clothes into the hamper each time they change
    • Unloading the silverware from the dishwasher
    • Using positive words
    • Spending 15 minutes each day with a book (you can read to them or offer picture books and allow them to make up the story as they go)
    • Choosing their clothes for the next day
  • Write it down - Post their goal where they can see it every day. Write the words for it, but also draw a picture (or have them draw a picture) to depict them working on their resolution. 
  • Set a timeline - Everyone works best within a set time frame. Show them the calendar and work together to decide how long they will work on reaching this goal. 
  • Praise their effort - Let your preschooler know how proud you are of them for working so hard on their goal.
  • Make their goal a part of the routine - Once they’ve reached the end of the designated time, be sure to incorporate their new skill or accomplishment into the daily routine and talk about setting goals throughout the year.


By working to help your preschooler set a goal and stick to it, you’re helping them to grow in confidence and showing them how much you believe in their ability to succeed.
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