This Holiday Season we’ve made it easier for you to help your child brainstorm ways of giving back. It’s in a child’s nature to be excited about this time of year and all the intrigue of the holiday magic. We’ve gathered some ideas to help you help your child channel some of the excitement into focusing on others. Go through the list with your child and find the ideas that work best for you.

15 Ways to Help Your Child Give Back This Holiday Season

  1. Send cards/homemade drawings to the men and women overseas. Operation We are Here has all the information on their website for where to send cards, letters and drawings to ensure they make it to military personnel. Click here for more information
  2. Bake cookies, muffins, and other homemade treats and deliver them to neighbors. We found these recipes that are free of the top allergens but still easy and delicious which makes your baking and sharing worry-free.   
  3. Donate pajamas (and a bedtime story) to Pajama Program. Everyone loves new jammies for snuggling up during the colder months. All the information for donations is on their website.
  4. Bring dinner to a local firehouse. Our firefighters work hard all year-round, but during the holiday season they may be spending some special moments away from their loved ones. Remind them they’re appreciated.
  5. Organize a Food Drive on your street or at your school. Local food banks will work with you and your child to make collection simple. Your child will be thrilled to find out how many meals they’ve helped provide.
  6. Pack a shoebox and join Operation Christmas Child. This is a simple idea with special impact. Click here for all the details and how to get involved.
  7. Adopt a family and spread the magic family-to-family. You can contact your local police department or church for help in getting connected directly with a family in need.
  8. Contact your nearest Ronald McDonald House to donate items from your own home or to find out what they might be in need of. Helping families with sick children during the holidays is particularly touching.
  9. Teach your child the art of Paying it Forward and next time you’re in line at your favorite coffee shop, have your child let the cashier know that you’re paying for the person behind you. Then step back and let your child watch the kindness spread from person to person as others join in too.
  10. Help end hunger by donating to Heifer International. This organization helps farmers and communities help themselves. Your gift of an animal is so much more than you think.  Click to watch a short video by Alton Brown explaining more about the cause.
  11. Visit a nursing home or elder care facility in your area. Be sure to call ahead to schedule your visit and spread a little joy from generation to generation.
  12. Pre-stuff stockings for the homeless. Daily necessities like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, and wet wipes plus nutritious items like soft granola bars and peanut butter packets make for a practical and thoughtful gift.
  13. Fill your home with the sweet smells of baking, for a good cause. Join the No Kid Hungry project. All the details of this bake sale style fundraiser can be found on their website.
  14. Kids and sports go hand-in-hand. If you have outgrown sports equipment at home, you can help your child clean out their closet or the garage and donate the items to a group such as Sports Gift, which makes it possible for less fortunate kids to stay outfitted for playing sports. Click here to find out how to donate your items.  
  15. Visit the Doing Good Together website to find little ways you can show random acts of kindness, or join one of their challenges with your child. The best part is these can be done all year long!


This is a magical time of year for all ages and being able to help your child give back this holiday season is sure to set them on a path to continued thinking toward making an impact in your community and beyond.

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