Put your helmets on, strap in and get ready to blast off! This month at Fusion, we will be Exploring the Universe! This week marks the start of our adventure into the vast, unknown reaches of outer space. During this month, Fusion students will begin to learn about astronomy, create a planetarium and read the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne!


war-of-the-worlds-by-orson-welles-300x177Listening and Speaking skills will play a crucial role in the Blue Room this week, as our Fusion students will have the opportunity to listen to the original radio broadcast of the H.G. Wells science fiction classic tale, The War of The Worlds. In years past, I would play a bit of a “trick” on my students, pretending to catch the broadcast on the radio several minutes in. The purpose of this was an attempt to create a bit of the same “shock” listeners experienced in 1938. Eventually I would reveal the ruse to the children and engage them in a discussion of what they felt, and what they thought the people alive in 1938 felt, upon hearing the scary news of alien invaders! Our students will also get to create their own sci-fi tale to share with their peers this week.


Space is beautiful. The twinkling stars, shimmering planets and the multi-colored hues of the cosmos are an awesome sight to see. In an effort to replicate a small portion of that, and to engage our student’s imagination, Fusion students in the Red Room will turn it into a planetarium! Each and every one of our themes incorporates an artist of the month in the Red Room, however, this month our artist is a little unconventional: The Hubble Telescope! Full color photos of far-flung galaxies, distant nebulae and incredibly detailed shots of the celestial objects occupying our own solar system will be on display throughout the month. Children in the Red Room will also become familiar with the works of famed composer, John Williams.

galileo-255x300Without a doubt, the Green Room is my favorite place to teach during this theme! In our Red Room, we explore the beauty of our universe. In the Blue Room, we stretch our student’s imaginations with the stories we read. The Green Room, however, is where they really come to understand what all of this “space stuff” is! This week, Fusion kids will first learn about their own planet, Earth, before moving on to the rest of our solar system (and beyond) in the following weeks. In the Green Room we will also learn about the father of modern astronomy, Galileo Galilei, and his contributions to mapping the solar system.

Such a wondrous week that we are having! Hope your Fusion Kid is enjoying it as much as we are!